“Serenity is the drink of sobriety.”


Wednesdays, 8pm. St. Johns Grace, Large Room. Colonial Circle, Lafayette & Richmond.

Thursdays at Noon. Northern Erie Clinical Services Bldg. Kenmore & Elmwood. Back room on left. (No Meeting Holidays.)

Fridays, 7:30pm. Grove St. Christian Church. 85 Grove St. Tonawanda.

Our Meeting Announcement:

The A.A. Group called “Position of Neutrality” meets 3 times a week in 3 different locations. The next meeting is (day, time and location). We focus on solving our common problem & helping others to recover from alcoholism. For more information visit the group online at neutralitygroup.com

Position of Neutrality is the name of this Alcoholics Anonymous group. We have no affiliation with any other organization. This A.A. group began in Buffalo, NY. in Feb 2017.

Meeting Introduction:
We are going to get started. Let’s take a moment to practice something simple to quiet our emotions. Let’s pause and get calm by taking a few deep, slow breaths. Pausing interrupts our thoughts and breathing settles our emotions. (Take 30 sec.)

I asked someone to read the preamble. (Wait for preamble to be read.)

Welcome to Position of Neutrality. The name is taken from A.A.’s description of recovered alcoholics on page 85 of the Big Book which says:

“We are not fighting it, neither are we avoiding temptation. We feel as though we had been placed in a position of neutrality—safe and protected. We have not even sworn off. Instead, the problem has been removed. It does not exist for us…”

If anyone is new to A.A. we would want to offer you this pamphlet (hold it up) titled “This is A.A. – An Introduction to the A.A. Recovery Program.” In it anyone can learn about what A.A. is and what it does- and most importantly how to stay sober one day at a time with the A.A. 24 hour plan. The 12 steps and 12 traditions are in it too.

This meeting has 3 sections. In each section we present a topic based on our experience with A.A. literature and then open it up for sharing. Sharing is important because we each keep what we describe. You can share in any or all of the sections.

Someone has the first topic titled Pause & Get Calm

Contact us at inspired@neutralitygroup.com