Day 1

Day 1 refers to your first day of this sponsorship track, not necessarily your first day without a drink. Anyone can use this sponsorship track regardless of how much “time” they have away from a drink.

During this 7 Day Sponsorship Track we will offer several, simple ideas and activities. These will work together to shape your experience so that you too can live recovered from alcoholism.

Day 1 Idea:  It’s Always Today
When it comes to “time” the first important concept to grasp is that it’s always the present. It is always now and in A.A. it is always today. When tomorrow comes it will be today again.

Oh sure, we call it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… but those are just the personality or name that our present day is called. The principle is that it’s always today. In AA its been suggested the we place principles above personalities.

The A.A. 24 Hour plan depends on the one day at a time idea. Remember, it’s just a way of looking at something; a concept. Concepts are neither right nor wrong, they are viewpoints that can help us establish change. If you are willing to use this concept as it relates to time then you will have all you need to stay away from drinking for today.

It’s always today. Today is all I have. Today is all we will ever have to deal with. It’s always now. It’s always the present. I only need to stay away from one drink, one day –  today. Today is all there is. Now is all there is.

Do you get it? If not, reread this over again and ponder it until you can see that now is the only time and today is the only day. Pondering, contemplating, thinking about or considering an idea- is an action, and a very useful one. When you can hold the idea that today is all there is then you are ready to use the A.A. 24 Hour Plan. Are you ready?

Day 1 Sponsored Activity: The A.A. 24 Hour Plan
Today, each time you have the thought, urge or temptation to drink, simply apply the A.A. 24 Hour Plan. Decide to make this your #1 tool. If the thought to drink doesn’t come up on its own then consider a drink a few times today just so you can practice the A.A. 24 Hour Plan.

Here is EXACTLY what to do when the thought of a drink comes up. This is the essence of the A.A. 24 Hour Plan:

Use the A.A. 24 Hour Plan by doing all of the following:
– Decide to put off taking that particular drink until tomorrow.
– Ask “Would this one drink be worth ALL the past consequences from ALL my past drinking?”
– Recount several past consequences that come to mind, imagining some of their details and feel it.
– Ask “Would that one drink be worth ALL these?” (Of course not.)
– Remind yourself you are the decider and chooser… and that you are making this choice.

Day 1 Sharing :
As you stay sober what are 3 positive interests or larger goals you would like get back into or accomplish? Complete these now.

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What to expect on Day 2:

  • You will be asked to share a few of your experiences of using the A.A. 24 Hour plan.
  • You will learn about Pause & Get Calm and begin to practice it.

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