Day 2

Welcome to Day 2!
Look –  tomorrow came… but as soon as it did we knew it as today again. See the concept at work? It’s Always Today!

Yesterday you had some experiences where you could use the A.A. 24 Hour Plan. This means you were either tempted to drink or you had the thought or urge for a drink at some points during the day.

If none of that happened to you then you were directed to consider drinking, on purpose, so that you could apply the A.A. 24 Hour Plan, right?

If you didn’t do either of these then stop here and go back and make today Day 1 and redo that section. No worries- you will get it if you are willing to!

If you did have the urge or thought of a drink, and you did use the A.A. 24 Hour Plan then congrats. Ironically, the thought of a drink actually helped us because it gave us a real life chance to practice the A.A. 24 Hour Plan! Now please share, in your own words, at least 3 separate experiences from yesterday when you applied the Plan.

Describe what happened. Use simple sentences with a lot of details. The key here is to tell each experience it like a mini story. Be sure to include the 8 main points from the practice and any insights or new understanding you found. (Before I forget, you can print a sheet with all the practices and bullet points for reference HERE – coming soon).

What we express and share will grow bigger in us. This is an important part of moving forward. Sharing your experiences helps expand them in you. Plus, as we catalog our expericnes anonymously others can be helped too!

24 Hour Plan
Be sure to include each part of the practice. Use simple, short factual statements. Be specific and descriptive.

After you completed your entry above we can move on to learning about Pause & Get Calm and begin to practice it.

Day 2 Idea: Repetition Works
When we repeat an activity enough times it begins to happen automatically. We call this a habit. We habitually went to alcohol for a sense of ease or to deal with life issues. As we repeated it over and over it progressed and became automatic. In the same way we are going to develop a new habit which will provide a sense of ease and calm comfort so we can deal with life issues sober. Repetition is the key to developing this. Repetition works.

Day 2 Sponsored Practice: Pause & Get Calm
Now we can begin to develop a simple reaction to life that will cause us to be calmer and  more clear-headed. This sense of calm will expand over the next few days and it will bring a sense of ease and comfort like we used to get from taking a drink but with no ill effects.

Today, at all times of emotional disturbance or indecision we simple pause and get calm by moving our awareness to our breathing.

his means we literally stop what we are doing and focus our attention on taking a few deep, slow breaths.

There will be plenty of times today to practice this because we will often feel anxious, fearful, shaky or find people and situations disturbing or unacceptable to us. This will provide us with the opportunity to repeat the practice. This is good because repetition works to help build the habit.

Setting Up the Practice:
In order to remember to Pause & Get Calm, take 10 sticky notes and write pause/breathe on them or something similar. Put them in 10 different places where you know you will end up throughout the course of the day. You want to be sure to have reminders morning, noon and night. For example- one on the alarm clock so you see it when you awaken, one on the bathroom mirror so you see it when brushing your teeth, one someplace where you will be mind morning, another where you usually end up near noon, etc. This will give you repetitive reminders. Repetition works!

Doing the Practice:
Each time you encounter a pause/breathe sticky note, do the following to Pause & Get Calm:

1. Pause.
2. Move your awareness to your breathing.
3. Take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly.
4. Notice how this feels – how it brings a feeling of calmness and clarity within… really take a moment to pause & get calm.

Also, anytime during the day when you feel emotionally disturbed or indecisive, do the practice. You can even do it when you are NOT disturbed. The more times you repeat it throughout the day the better. Repetition works. Tomorrow you will be asked to recount some of your experiences with Pause & Get Calm.

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