Day 3

Welcome to Day 3.

So far you have begun to use the A.A. 24 Hour Plan to put drinking off for today, and it’s always today. Plus, you have 10 helpful reminders set up to support you in developing the practice of Pause & Get Calm.

No doubt, yesterday, you had several experiences with thoughts of drinking or felt emotional disturbances- so you practiced these two tools, right?

Did you make your sticky notes? Did you practice Pause & Get Calm by moving your awareness to your breathing and taking a few deep, slow breaths? If so move on to the work below. If not, please go back and make today Day 2 and follow directions. You will get it if you are willing to!

If you did complete the sticky notes and you did practice Pause & Get Calm then please complete the entries below:

Exercise 1: Imagine Your Sticky Notes
List the places you put your sticky notes in the fields below. Follow these directions for each sticky note location, one at a time.

A. Bring the first pause/breathe note location to your mind. See the note in your imagination as if you were there standing in that room. Get a sense for the details of that room as if you were really there.
B. Do the practice (Pause & Get Calm) as you imagine having just seen the pause/breathe note.
C. Type the location of this note in the appropriate field below.
D. Repeat A, B & C for each Pause/Breathe note, one at a time.

Sticky Notes

Great Job! Those sticky notes are a form of sponsorship because they are there to remind and carry the practical message of recovery to you. (It’s your sticky note sponsor!)

Notice how you were able to use your imagination to see the sticky notes and the rooms in your mind. This will become important on Day 5.

Notice how easy it is to Pause & Get Calm. Notice the subtle sense of ease and comfort it brings. Notice how it helps you rise above any racing thoughts.

Share: Did you think about drinking yesterday? Did you have the urge or temptation to drink yesterday? If not, was there anything else you put off with the A.A. 24 Hour plan?

24 Hour Plan
Be sure to include each part of the practice. Use simple, short factual statements. Be specific and descriptive.

Share: Tell about times when you were emotionally disturbed or indecisive and how you applied Pause & Get Calm. Tell it like a short story. By sharing it in detail the practice will grow stronger in you. We keep what we describe or express.

Emotional Disturbance or Indecision
Be sure to include how you used Pause & Get Calm. Use simple, factual sentences. Be detailed and descriptive.

Great work for today. Keep using Pause & Get Calm anytime you are emotionally disturbed or indecisive. It calms our emotions and interrupts our racing thoughts. In this position of neutrality we can imagine good ways to respond to disturbing situations rather then reacting negatively or destructively. With practice it will get better quick.

Whenever the idea of a drink comes up in the day you can always put it off until tomorrow with the A.A. 24 Hour Plan. remember, its always today. Tomorrow never comes!

As you practice pausing and getting calm throughout the day you will experience more moments of ease, comfort and clarity. These experiences will begin to replace any need for alcohol in facing life.

Move on to Day 4 (coming soon)