Day 4

Welcome to Day 4. Today we will reinforce the sense of ease and clarity that comes when we Pause & Get Calm by focusing on our breathing. Now that we can recognize that inner space of calmness we want to do a very special thing. We want to decide to name this calm inner space as our spirit.

The inner space of calm is an experience of being an Awareness or quiet Observer. It’s our spirit. A.A. refers to it as an agent or child of God on pg. 62 of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous”.

We were surprised to find that by simply getting calm through pausing and taking a few deep, slow breaths, our heads would clear and we began to recognize a quiet inner space. The key is to claim this as our identity as a spirit. Its easy to recognize it when you see it as consciousness or awareness.

Day 4 Idea: Awareness is Spirit
We often heard that all we need is already inside us. Ever since we were little we have known this Awareness that is in us, as us. This inner observer, watcher, looker… the thing that sees and knows (or doesn’t know) what it’s looking at “out there.”

Anyone can decide that this thing we call Awareness is us as a spirit. It is the part of us that has never changed. Our bodies have changed. Our circumstances keep changing. Our feelings and thoughts change… but still this ever-present inner Awareness remains the same. It’s always the observer or witness of our changing self.

(to be continued)…