Group Archives

Here is the timeline of significant events illustrating the history of the Position of Neutrality A.A. Group:

  • Feb 2011, Brian N suspects he has recovered while sharing at Rise and Shine A.A. meeting, St Johns Grace Church (in the very room that later will be the first PON meeting)
  • Brian N, Patsy & Sue M begin discussing what it means to be Recovered.
  • Brian N. begins chairing Friday A.A. Big Book meeting at Renaissance Group
  • Topics from short paragraph readings focusing on practical and spiritual with reoccurring focus on step 3 agent/child of God (pg 62-63) and pausing when agitated or doubtful (pg. 86-87)
  • Timer is introduced
  • Book study is questioned  and so Brian N joins Renaissance group to continue to chair.
  • Brian N inspired to start PON with MIke P. and Mike M.
  • Brian N. leaves Renaissance group.
  • PON first meeting (wed) Feb 2017
  • Brian N. PON adds 2nd meeting and location (thursday) Mar 2017
  • Mike M. adds 3rd PON meeting  and location (friday) March 2017
  • Central Committee sends reps to investigate PON to ensure it is not breaking traditions. official announcement in New Frontier letter states “PON is not violating any traditions.”
  • Sue M. brings first potluck. Invites another A.A. group and it’s members to attend to “learn who we are and stay for the meeting.”
  • Committee formed for reading revisions when needed.
  • Speculative: Committee formed for fellowship / potluck outreach targeting other groups.
  • Speculative: Committee formed to develop Group Sponsorship Approach
  • Speculative: Committee formed to identify 12 major blocks in A.A. “Two powers, not one” is first issue. “Drinking as problem rather than symptom” is second.