Michelle L.

My sponsor has often used breathing to help me pause & get calm when we are speaking to each other.  I would describe a disturbance and when I was finished she would say “I can feel your anxiety about this situation.  Let’s take a moment to take three deep breaths” and when we were done, my clarity was better, I was more open-minded and we would talk about a spiritual solution.  It would help me imagine a better outcome of the situation.  I would be able to recognize my true spirit-self and become more familiar with it;  that there is Good in me, for me and for others.

What a gift to find a meeting that practices this too!  I find attending meetings that uses “imagine and feel on faith and these situations will come to pass… or they will unfold as something even better” is a wonderful experience. To share this positive thought process with others helps me establish a stronger concrete foundation in this way of thinking.  Hearing others share how this is working in their lives gives me encouragement to continue to use of this way of thinking and living.

Whenever my thoughts go to negative thinking that starts to feed my anxiety about a situation I pause & get calm and take a few deep breaths.  And whatever my fear is at that moment I imagine the situation resolving itself in a positive way and the anxiety slowly leaves my body.  Knowing that my Creator wants me to live a life of abundance that is there for me and for everyone.

I also use pause & get calm when dealing with my teenage children.  When the tension in a conversation starts to escalate I pause and get calm. This lets me take a moment to observe what is going on and separates me from the emotions.  In that way I can respond and not react to the situation. This has helped the conversations stay focused to the subject matters that need to be addressed and also calms my teenager- so the exchange is less emotionally charged.

I use the tool of pause & get calm throughout my day; whenever fear, anxiety, depression start to creep into my thoughts and my body starts to get tense. It effectively relaxes me and enables me to invite God onto the scene to help direct my actions in a mindful manner- allowing life to flow through and around me. I would like to say that I use this practice every time a disturbance arises. I can say that when I don’t I recognize the difference in the way I feel. This gives me the reassurance that when I do practice these tools they work for me.

– Michelle L.

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