Living in Today & More Will Be Revealed

When we live in the present and do our best we experience new possibilities and the hope of a brighter future.

In this section we focus on sharing about the new or good things we have been doing in our own recovery. We share about ways that we are making progress.

If we take an honest look we will see that we have been changing for the better. We may be taking different actions, practicing new ways of living or becoming aware of new ideas that have changed the way we look at life.

By sharing these with others we come to understand and appreciate them more. Your experiences and ideas are valuable to us. We encourage you to share them. We will try to listen with an open mind.

We focus on who we are becoming, not who we have been. The A.A. book calls us “spearheads of God’s ever advancing creation” and tells us that more is constantly being revealed to you and to us.

The remaining part of the meeting is open for sharing about your new experiences, your practices and new ideas that equal recovery for you.

The timer is set for 3 minutes. If it beeps please wrap up your share in the next minute. If you already shared in another section you can still share in this one- but be mindful that someone who hasn’t shared may want to. The meeting is open.