Pause & Get Calm

As we face our day, it’s normal to become angry, frustrated or upset- especially when we find people or situations unacceptable to us. Strong emotions can cause us to think and act in ways which are destructive and we may find ourselves drunk. In A.A. we find ways to quiet our emotions.

Today, when we find ourselves angry or upset we can find relief if we pause & get calmBy pausing we mean stop… take a moment… take a breath. Anyone can use their breathing to calm themselves down.

Our breathing is a good choice because it’s always available- so we won’t build a dependency on people, places, things or alcohol to quiet our emotions. When calm, our heads clear and we are in less danger of acting out on negative thoughts or emotions.

As we pause & get calm throughout our day we react less and start responding better. We become more aware of ourselves and the world around us. We find serenity and receive the power to face life sober.

Again, when agitated or doubtful we simply pause & get calm… take a breath… awaken to the present. Before long it becomes a prescription for peace.

The meeting is open for 20 minutes for sharing about your experiences with pausing to quiet your emotions and finding the serenity to maintain your spiritual condition. The timer is set for 3 minutes. If it beeps please try to wrap up your share in the next minute. Who is inspired to share first?

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