Recovery is simple when we focus on two things:

  • Staying away from the first drink.
  • Living a spiritual life.

A.A. suggests the 24 Hour plan to stay away from the first drink and the 12 step program to awaken our spirits. We do this because alcohol is only a symptom. The real problem is self-centeredness and self-reliance. We go into our spirit to get out of ourselves.

Our self is a wonderful thing, but troubles can arise because of emotional reactions and inexperience.

  • Feeling our emotions is healthy- but they can cloud our thinking.
  • Personal knowledge & past experience is valuable- but it may not be the best fit to solve a present problem.
  • Some situations are just new to us – so we may be unsure as to how to deal with them.

By moving into our spirit we can quiet our emotions and self-knowledge. Our spirit is connected to an Unlimited Source of knowledge and power. We tap this Higher Power for guidance so we can face life successfully.

Everyone has a spirit. It’s the part of us that is conscious or aware of things. You are using it right now to be aware of the words you are reading. AA calls it our “innermost self, agent of God or child of God.” It’s a bridge between God and your everyday personal life.

One member said “It’s that inner place from where I witness the world- safe and protected. I recognize it most when I am calm and my mind is not racing.”