Pause & Get Quiet

As we face our day, we may find people or situations unacceptable or offensive to us. When resentful, it’s normal to feel frustrated, angry or upset. These strong emotions can cause us to think and act in ways which are destructive. We may slip and take the first drink.

To avoid this, AA suggests we use step 3 to quiet our emotions so we can experience serenity. Serenity gives us the power to accept the unacceptable and face our day sober. 

Today, at all times of emotional disturbance or indecision we can find serenity if we pause and get quiet. By pausing we me stop, take a moment and take a breath.

Anyone can use their breathing to quiet their emotions. Our breathing is a good choice because it’s always available, so we won’t build a dependency on people, places, things or alcohol to find peace.

When calm our heads clear and we are in less danger of acting out on negative thoughts or emotions.

Conscious contact with our breathing brings a feeling of well-being. We are often surprised at how this stills our mind and puts us at ease during difficult times. It’s the same sense of ease and comfort we use to get by taking the first drink- but without the negative consequences.

As we pause and get quiet throughout our day we become more aware of ourselves and the world around us. We react less and start responding better. We live more in the present. We become conscious and in tune with our innermost selves. We begin to believe that we have found a new power that can help us face anything.

Again, when agitated or doubtful, we simply pause, get quiet and in the stillness ask for and receive serenity. Before long it becomes a prescription for peace.

The meeting is open for 20 minutes for sharing about your experience with pausing to quiet your emotions and what serenity means to you. The timer is set for 3 minutes. If it beeps please try to wrap up your share in the next minute. Who is inspired to share first?