Pointing Our Imagination

With the A.A. 24 Hour Plan, we can stay sober today by putting the drink off until tomorrow.

As we face our day sober we interact with people, places and things. We may become emotionally disturbed or indecisive. If we pause & get calm we rise above our emotions and move into our spirit. From this position of neutrality we are free to point our imagination to bettering our lives.

A.A. states “…perhaps our trouble was our inability to point imagination toward the right objectives. All sound achievement rests on constructive imagination. No one can build a house until they first envision a plan for it…” 12 & 12 page 97.

When we pause & get calm we become neutral and aware. From here, we are free to point our imagination to better thoughts and actions. Then, power begins to flow toward the things that matter most to us.

As we imagine and feel the good things we hope for we provide a wholehearted prayer that acts as a blueprint for new experiences.The stories we imagine and feel on faith will come to pass… or they will unfold as something even better. It works, it really does.

The past no longer defines us. Present disturbances no longer prevent us from re-creating our lives. So imagine something good… feel it as if it were happening… then let go and let God.

The meeting is open for sharing about pausing & getting calm, recognizing your spirit and pointing your imagination to re-create your life. The timer is set for 3 minutes. The meeting is open. Who will share first?