What’s Your Position?

In meetings we may hear people introduce themselves as an Alcoholic. This admission paved the way for us to seek the solution, take action and recover. Have you diagnosed yourself as an alcoholic yet?

The title page of the AA book states that Alcoholics Anonymous is “the story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism.” It may surprise many to hear that we can and do recover from alcoholism.

Along the road to being recovered AA uses several names to help us identify where we are at today:

  • Potential Alcoholic
  • Alcoholic in Denial
  • Recovering Alcoholic and
  • Recovered Alcoholic

Many of us began as Potential Alcoholics. At this early stage we tried to change conditions to match our needs but when we found we couldn’t our drinking got out of hand and we became Alcoholics.” (12 & 12 Pg. 47) Many of us could not admit this at that time and we became an Alcoholic in Denial.

At this stage we kept trying to control our drinking. We blamed people and past circumstances for our problems. We were plagued by resentment, anger and fear. Many of us died. Some ended up in A.A. where we were able to identify with other people’s stories and diagnose ourselves as alcoholic.

The admission that we were Alcoholics opened the door to the A.A. 24 hour plan and 12 step solution. We saw others getting better and we wanted what they found. When we commenced to use the A.A. program we passed another checkpoint and became Recovering Alcoholics.

Through the 12 steps and A.A. literature we came to believe that alcohol was only a symptom. We saw that self, manifested in a variety of ways, was the root of the problem. We discovered our spirit and began to enlarge our spiritual life. As we claimed spiritual progress many of us knew we had become Recovered Alcoholics.

This section is for sharing about what the different phases of recovery mean to us. By sharing we gain a better perspective on where we have been, where we are now and where we can go.

Potential Alcoholic, Alcoholic in Denial, Recovering Alcoholic and Recovered Alcoholic… Which one of these best describes you TODAY and WHY?

The timer will be set for 3 minutes. If it beeps try to wrap up your share in another minute. The meeting is open.